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Pulmonology Medicine


Times have changed, and so has the environment we live in. One of the most common effects of pollution and our modern yet questionable lifestyles is felt by our respiratory organs, especially the respiratory tract. Some common diseases and defects that arise due to such factors include pneumonia, asthma, breathlessness, and tuberculosis. Breathing is essential to human life and factors that hinder a smooth functioning of the respiratory tract can often be critical. Hence, the treatment has to be tailored to the patient. Pulmonology is that branch of healthcare science that deals with the functional abnormalities of the respiratory system and is often classified as an Internal Medicine and / or Intensive Care Medicine. Pulmonologists have to often deal with scenarios involving patients in need of life support or mechanical ventilation.

A lung specialist also handles the complete gambit of pulmonary treatment. A complete pulmonary treatment regime may involve a number of tests and both clinical and surgical procedures. While a Pulmonologist is trained in critical disease detection and diagnosis, surgery on the respiratory tract might still be performed by a specialist Cardiothoracic Surgeon (also known as a Thoracic Surgeon), which will include minor aides from the Pulmonologist. Aster Hospitals’ Pulmonology team has some of the best pulmonologists in Dubai who use a fine blend of cutting-edge technology and industry-certified expertise to deliver best-in-class patient outcomes.

About Pulmonology

Pulmonology majorly relies on medicine, consumed either through inhalation or in oral form, as its primary treatment methodology. One among many such cases is the prescription of inhalers for those having inflammatory lung disorders. In critical cases, the patient might even be required to be kept under mechanical ventilation. A subdomain under Pulmonology, Pulmonary Rehabilitation is defined as, ‘A multidimensional continuum of services directed to persons with pulmonary disease and their families, usually by an interdisciplinary team of specialists, with the goal of achieving and maintaining the individual's maximum level of independence and functioning in the community.

The intent of Pulmonologists under this category is to continuously strive to make the patient and his/her family aware about the causes and symptoms while also equipping them with the right programs to enhance their quality of life. The various methods employed to achieve the same might include emotional support, exercise, oxygen, airway secretion clearance, education, and non-invasive mechanical ventilation.

Generally, Pulmonary Rehabilitation is conducted by a team of professionals that generally include a respiratory therapist, an occupational therapist, a rehabilitation nurse, and a psychologist, amongst others. Also, if you are looking for a pediatric pulmonologist in Dubai, Aster Hospitals has some of the best. We also deal with interventional pulmonology.

Diagnosis and Pulmonary Procedures:

A pulmonologist will usually begin the diagnosis with a patient overview which will include:

  • Check for hereditary abnormalities, if any, that may or may not damage the lungs
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals (asbestos, coal mining fumes, tobacco smoke, e-cigarette, exhaust fumes)
  • Exposure to elements potent of causing infections (specific breed of birds)
  • Tests to determine autoimmune diathesis that might lead to conditions like pulmonary fibrosis, and hypertension.
  • Just like other branches of medicine, physical medication stands equally critical for Pulmonology also
  • Examining for symptoms of Cyanosis, analyzing the respiratory rates
  • Inspecting the lymph nodes and trachea
  • Checking for unusual breath sounds

Clinical procedures:

Similar to any other diagnostic procedure, Pulmonology relies heavily on a number of tests and procedures (both clinical and surgical):

  • Blood Tests
  • Polysomnography
  • Spirometry to diagnose airflow hindrances
  • Positron emission tomography
  • Pulmonary Function Tests
  • Scintigraphy
  • Bronchoscopy Chest X-rays
  • CT scanning


The Pulmonology team at Aster Hospitals is a mix of expert consultants with proficiency ranging from disease detection to preventive therapeutic services. Best of medical equipment are used to provide state-of-the-art treatments in both the OPD and hospital, including the ICUs.

The range of services offered include a wide range of respiratory conditions including but not limited to: Lung cancer diagnosis; Chronic obstructive lung diseases; Asthma; Interstitial and pulmonary lung diseases; Pulmonary vascular disease (including Pulmonary hypertension); Sleep disorders; Acute and chronic respiratory failure; Respiration allergies; Critical Care; Bronchiectasis; Pleural diseases (including Pleural effusion and Pneumothorax); Pulmonary thromboembolism; and various lung infections. At Aster Hospitals, we believe that patients and their families should have access to the highest quality healthcare at a center that they can trust. Here, at Aster Hospitals, we can assure you that you will find a pulmonary doctor who best suits your individual requirements.

Services offered through the Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine specialty include:

  • Outpatient clinics for evaluation and treatment of various lung conditions
  • Hospital inpatient services for evaluation and treatment of various lung conditions
  • Intensive care services for management and treatment of the critically ill
  • Sleep disorders evaluation and treatment
  • Bronchoscopic diagnosis and treatment
  • Access to various diagnostic and treatment protocols
  • Pulmonary Function Laboratory
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

Why choose Aster Hospitals?

Aster Hospitals has some of the most renowned lungs specialists in Dubai. With industry-leading medical infrastructure and a vision that fosters patient-first approach, reliance on expertise, and a highly-skilled team of committed healthcare professionals, Aster Hospitals has been providing quality healthcare in 9 countries and counting. The Pulmonology department thrives on their intent to not just cure but educate, and inform the patients on hereditary consequences, and also pre-emptive measures. In a time when the need for Pulmonology is more important than ever, owing to the hazardous environmental conditions and a lifestyle with little room for immunity development, Aster Hospitals’ state-of-the-art, cutting-edge diagnostics and treatment methods aims to attend to each patient like they’re the only one, and hence, provide customized solutions tailored to their needs. Aster Hospitals’ commitment to a healthier, happier world lives and breathes in the services they provide and in the way they provide it.