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Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine

Occupational Medicine finds its roots in organizations and corporations that want to ensure better health and well-being of their employees while also maintaining the productivity and efficiency of the workforce. Also known as Industrial medicine, OM works towards the prevention and treatment of ailments / diseases inside a workplace. Visit Aster Hospital, the best hospital in Dubai for an extensive consultation.

About Occupational Medicine:

Occupational Medicine specialists work dedicatedly for organizations to ensure that they meet the highest standards in occupational health and safety. While OM involves multiple medical disciplines, Occupational Medicine providers or occupational health providers will mostly only concern preventive medicine and managing illnesses, injuries, and disabilities incurred due to the nature of work or the workplace. That being said, occupational medicine physicians are required to have a broad knowledge bank of medicine, and, in certain cases, a thorough understanding of some specific sub disciplines as well. In some scenarios, they even work towards advising and educating international councils on workplace health and safety standards. Visit Aster Hospital to book an appointment at an occupational medical center in Dubai.

Occupational medical centers primarily aim to:

  • Have knowledge of potential hazards in the workplace including toxic properties of materials used.
  • Be able to evaluate employee fitness for work.
  • Be able to diagnose and treat occupational disease and injury.
  • Know about rehabilitation methods, health education, and government laws and regulations concerning workplace health.
  • Be able to manage health service delivery.
  • Handle urgent care occupational health.