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Ear Nose and Throat Clinic

Ear Nose And Throat

The upper respiratory region of the body comprises of the ear, nose and throat that can fall prey to a number of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Without the proper treatment, these infections can cause irreversible damage to the affected regions. The Department of Otorhinolaryngology or ENT at Aster Hospitals, which is the best hospital in Dubai, offers a comprehensive array of specialised services for all disorders related to the Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck. Providing the best-in-class ENT treatment to patients of all ages, our in-house specialists provide highly effective and customized surgical and non-surgical treatment plans. They perform an extensive and thorough evaluation of the patient using a unique, evidence-based approach that is sure to deliver optimal results. Visit Aster for the best ENT doctors in Dubai.

About Ear Nose and Throat:

Otorhinolaryngology is the medical term that deals with all conditions and ailments of the ear, nose, and throat, as well as related structures of the head and neck.

Otorhinolaryngologists are doctors and surgeons who specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of the ear, nose and throat area. They are also known as otolaryngologists, ENT doctors, or head and neck surgeons. The best ENT hospital in Dubai is housed in Aster.

When does one need to consult with an ENT specialist?

If you are experiencing symptoms of an ailment related to the ear, nose and/or throat, you may be asked to consult an otorhinolaryngologist for further diagnosis. Visit the best ENT hospital in Dubai is you have symptoms of an Ear, Nose and Throat-related ailment like:

  • Sore throat
  • Persistent cough, that lasts for more than 2 weeks
  • Constant cold, runny nose
  • Ear pain, loss of hearing
  • Snoring, sleep apnea

At Aster, you can find access to the following highly-specialized services:


  • Microscopic examination and suction clearance for ear conditions
  • Diagnosis and management of hearing loss and tinnitus

Tinnitus :

  • Tinnitus is the sensation of a noise or a ringing in the ears, and could be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition, such as hearing loss, ear injury or a disorder of the circulatory system.
  • Diagnosis, management and treatment of dizziness.
  • Microscopic ear surgeries

Tympanoplasty : The surgical reconstruction of the eardrum (the tympanic membrane) and/or the small bones of the middle ear (ossicles).

Ossiculoplasty :The surgical reconstruction of the middle ear ossicular chain which has been disrupted or destroyed due to overuse of devices positioned inside the ear that has damaged the transfer of sound to the inner ears.

Mastoidectomy : A surgical procedure to remove destroyed and diseased mastoid air cells.

Ventilation tube insertion : Insertion of a tube into the inner ear canal for the ventilation and removal of fluids from the middle ear.


  • Nasal Endoscopy for diagnosing various nasal and sinus conditions.
  • Diagnosis and management of allergic Rhinitis.
  • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery for Chronic sinusitis and sino nasal polyposis.
  • Endoscopic Adenoidectomy – The use of an endoscope for the removal of the adenoids.
  • Diagnosis and treatment for snoring and sleep apnea syndrome.


  • Tonsillectomy : Surgical removal of both tonsils that are prone to frequent inflammation and infection. Performed under general anaesthesia, followed by 2 weeks of post recovery.
  • Diagnosis and management of different disorders of Voice and Swallowing.
  • Micro-laryngeal surgery for various vocal cord conditions – Also known as a micro laryngoscopy, a micro-laryngeal surgery uses a laryngoscope to visualise and operate on the vocal folds. It is a non-invasive surgery and uses a long scope-like instrument that is inserted into the mouth rather than making incisions.


Diagnosis and management of various neck swellings such as :

  • Thyroid : The small, butterfly-shaped gland that sits in the lower, front portion of the neck below the uvula.
  • Submandibular gland : The salivary glands located in the mouth. Their secretions aid in keeping the mouth lubricated and help in swallowing food and digestion.
  • Parotid gland : The largest salivary glands present on either side of the mouth and in front of the ears.

Treatments and Procedures

One of the best hospitals in Dubai, Aster, hosts the most proficient Otorhinolaryngology department, and has some of the best ENT doctors in Dubai. It is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for both the diagnosis and treatment of ailments related to the ear, nose and throat. You can enjoy access to a number of revolutionary and advanced procedures. At Aster Hospitals, we believe that patients and their families should have access to only the highest quality healthcare at a centre that they can trust.

You will be suggested one or more of the following types of treatments and/or procedures:

  • Medication : After a thorough examination, the doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics as well as salt water gargling, gargling with hydrogen peroxide solution or Betadine gargle. Painkillers and anti-inflammatories may also be prescribed to reduce any pain and swelling.
  • Lifestyle changes : You may be asked to give up harmful habits such as smoking and frequent intake of alcohol. Brushing and gargling twice a day is a good habit as well.
  • Procedure/Surgical methods : As a last resort, the doctor may prescribe any of the above surgical procedures based on your symptoms and specific ailments.

Why choose Aster Hospitals?

A Holistic Approach: Aster Hospitals’ long history of pioneering medical research gives patients access to state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures and treatment methods. Our doctors are constantly thriving to improve methods of diagnosis and treatments for their patients. It is the best hospital in Dubai for any field of medicine.

Collaborative Care: Aster Hospitals has some of the best ENT doctors in Dubai, who work as a unified, multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals who provide personalised care to each patient.

Focus Is On You: Having all the expertise under one roof means that you have a comprehensive multidisciplinary diagnosis and are monitored by an entire team of specialists, your test results are available quickly, and appointments are scheduled on time. For the best ENT hospital in Dubai, visit Aster.