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Hearing Loss Treatment


Hearing, one of our five most incredible senses, is crucial to live a normal human life. Deformed hearing, or conditions hindering the smooth functioning of our sonic capabilities not only deprives us of the many little joys of life but also holds the potential to draw us further from our normal living environment. Audiology is the branch of healthcare and patient-care sciences that examines balance, hearing, and related abnormalities. An audiologist works on patients suffering from hearing loss and also works towards related damage prevention. To diagnose / cure an audiological problem the apt way, a melange of tests and strategies may be put into place by the doctor. Most of the tests however test a patient’s stimulus to sonic interventions / shock:

  • Electrophysiologic Tests
  • Otoacoustic Emission Measurements
  • Behavioural Hearing Tests

Once a hearing loss is proven to exist, the doctor tests to identify the degree of damage / the portions of hearing the patient is deprived of, such as high frequencies, middle frequencies, and / or low frequencies. They also check for the severity of hearing loss that also helps determine if the damage is permanent or temporary. A check for the lesion providing the ground for the loss such as the outer ear, inner ear, middle ear, auditory nerve, or the CNS (the Central Nervous System) is done, which is followed by plotting a graph of all the findings and then determining the treatment regime for the same. Visit Aster Hospitals to visit a Hearing Aid Specialist in Dubai.

The various recommendations by an ear doctor for apt healing / faster adaptability to the loss include:

  • Wearable hearing aids
  • Medical Referrals
  • Cochlear Implants

As an extension of audiologic capabilities and vestibular pathologies, a ear doctor may even be equipped to consult on other conditions such as:

  • Rehabilitation of tinnitus
  • Misophonia
  • Hyperacusis
  • Use of cochlear implant
  • Use of hearing device/aid
  • Speech therapy
  • Auditory processing disorders
  • Hearing healthcare from birth to death

About Audiology:

The primary specialization of a ear doctor is to identify, treat, diagnose, and monitor abnormalities occurring in or damaging the vestibular systems and / or the auditory system.

They also deal with the dispensation, management, and rehabilitation of hearing devices and determine the provisioning of hearing devices and / or cochlear implants. They also sometimes act as counsellors for families to prep them about raising a child suffering from cognitive hearing loss and also help elderly people cope with old age deafening. They run and control the operations of a hearing aid centre. They design and execute industrial and personal safe-hearing programmes along with screening programs for the new born, recommending special and / or custom fitted ear-moulds, school screening programmes, and various other means / devices to curb / further prevent any hearing loss.


Audiology is the discipline involved in the prevention, identification, and evaluation of hearing disorders, the selection and evaluation of the best hearing aids, and the rehabilitation of individuals with hearing impairments. Visit Aster to get a Hearing Aid in Dubai.

Our skilled ear doctors at Aster Hospitals provide patient centred care in the prevention, identification and diagnosis of hearing, balance and other auditory disorders for people of all ages. This is done by conducting and interpreting a variety of behavioural, electroacoustic, and/or electrophysiological methods. They also provide appropriate advice with referrals to other professionals and rehabilitation plans. We also have a state-of-the-art hearing aid clinic to treat a plethora of hearing-related problems.

Hearing and balance disorders are complex conditions that lead to medical, psychological, physical, social, educational and employment implications. Our doctors provide professional and personalized services to minimize the negative impact of these disorders, leading to improved outcomes and quality of life. At Aster Hospitals, we believe that patients and their families should have access to high quality healthcare at a centre that they trust. That is why Aster Hospital is the best hospital in Dubai.

The audiology department provides the following services:

  • New born hearing screening (OAE)
  • Pure Tone Audiometry and special tests
  • Speech Audiometry
  • Free field audiometry/Conditioned play audiometry
  • Tympanometry and reflex threshold measurement
  • Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA)/Auditory brainstem response test

Why choose Aster Hospitals?

We live in a world where falling sick isn’t rare, but it is shocking that a major fraction of our population is devoid of quality healthcare. It’s a change worthy intersection of demand and provision when it comes to better quality care for patients, and thus, Aster Hospitals’ healthcare infrastructure and expert panel of doctors, technicians, and clinical audiologists ensure that every patient is given undivided attention as we know that a successful treatment regime thrives on candid interactions. With a treatment philosophy that’s driven on a fine blend of science and expertise, research and study, and care and commitment, we are dedicated to making the world a happier, healthier place. A part of the same philosophy, our hearing centre houses some of the best doctors in the country, and holds an impressive record replete with laurels and thousands of happy patients and counting. Aster Hospitals is constantly seeking new opportunities to set bigger yardsticks with advanced progress. Present in over 9 countries, Aster Hospitals is probably one of the world's most rapidly going healthcare chains. Offering a wide range of healthcare services, Aster Hospitals boasts a diverse team of highly-skilled healthcare professionals and medical infrastructure capable of end-to-end disease detection and cure. Headquartered in Dubai, the Aster family now encompasses 17,600+ employees, 2296 doctors with several JCI accredited Hospitals, clinics and Diagnostic Centres. Each of the Group’s verticals is a symbol of distinction, driven by a commitment to build a healthier tomorrow and to take healthcare to the next level of excellence.