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Sinusitis – Types, Symptoms and its treatment

Sinusitis or Sinus is a global health problem. According to reports, Sinusitis affects 31 million people in the United States each year. You should consult a pulmonologist in Dubai to better understand the condition. In this article, we will discuss about sinus briefly.   Types of […]

tuberculosis treatment

Fight against TB before it starts !

Tuberculosis is one of the leading contagious diseases across the globe. It is a chronic bacterial infection that affects the lungs, although it could also affect any other part of the body such as the brain, spine, pelvic region etc. […]

Asthma in Children

Just Allergies or More?

The air that we breathe in has oxygen which is absorbed into the body’s bloodstream. Our respiratory system has airways which are tubes that transport the oxygenated blood to the lungs. These tubes when narrowed and inflamed make it difficult […]