Non Invasive Beauty Therapies

What are the top five non-invasive treatments which will be popular this year and why?

The top five non invasive cosmetic treatments that patients are likely to seek are:

1) Botox injections: Though they have been in the market for a long time, they still hold promise of smoothening out dynamic wrinkles of the face , whether it be for forehead lines, furrows, crows feet, marionette lines, gummy smile correction etc. When given properly it can really uplift the aging face

 2) Dermal fillers: For static wrinkles on face and tear trough, nasolabial folds and volumisation of the mid face or lip augmentation, dermal fillers when selected and given properly hold a great promise

3) Mesotherapy: Mesotherapy in general whether it be mesobotox , or mesohair for hair growth will also be a promising therapy to rejuvenate the aging face or for people with hair fall. Platelet rich plasma for face and hair can be used to rejuvenate the face by stimulation of dermal collagen and the growth factors when given for certain types of hair loss help to restore the hair growth

4) Thread lifts: Contour threads can provide good face lift for sagging face resulting from ageing .

5) Hydrafacial: This is a relatively new method of facial where microdermabrasion is combined with hydration, extraction and exfoliation

What are these treatments specifically for?

Botulinum toxin or Botox injections are for smoothing out unwanted lines of facial expression like frown lines, forehead furrows, crows feet around the eyes, marionette lines around the mouth, gummy smile, sagging corners of the mouth , masculine jaw line etc or even for neck lines

Dermal fillers are for static lines like deep tear troughs, mid face volume enhancement, lip augmentation, filling of nasolabial furrows etc

Mesotherapy is for general rejuvenation of the superficial wrinkles and facial lines, enhancing the glow of the face either with specific chemicals or platelet rich plasma. It can be for face rejuvenation or prevent hair loss

Thread lifts using contour threads are for lifting up sagging skin of the face due to aging. They are inserted in a particular plane and direction to lift up the face.

Hydrafacial is a simple facial using a machine which does extraction of clogged pores of the face in addition to dermabrasion and achieves facial rejuvenation and smoothening of the skin of the face

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the treatments?

The advantages of the treatments have already been spelt out above. When done correctly in the correct manner they will achieve the desired results. Also they require only minimal injections and at the most topical anesthesia with cream.

Disadvantages are complications ensue if they are not done correctly or used for the wrong purpose or used in wrong group of patients. Sometimes in cosmetic requests, expectations exceed the results. That’s why it is important for the patient or the client to know exactly how the procedure will benefit him or her and by how much. Having said that, it is important to be correctly trained in the procedures to administer it properly. Also each individual client or patient is different and each procedure has to be tailored differently for each patient depending upon the requirement.

Dermal fillers also have to be given with precautions to avoid side effects , particularly to avoid injection into the blood vessels of the face which can have adverse consequences.

Thread lifts also have to be performed by trained hands ,else the threads can be visible if inserted superficially or be ineffective if inserted too deep. Asymmetry from one side to the other can be visible if not balanced on both sides

Hydrafacial usually does not have any complication as it is more or less like a simple facial.

Mesotherapy is usually safe as it is a superficial injection. Mild stinging pain which is minimal may be experienced .

Other than in hydra-facial there will be a requirement of topical cream anesthesia in the other inject-able procedures.

What are the things to keep in mind before and after non invasive treatments?

One is be open about your expectations when you talk to the doctor, so there is no communication gap between doctor and patient. All co-morbid disorders are to be told to the doctor and any other medications being taken for other purposes should be revealed.

No treatment is permanent and may need to be topped up after few months.

Precautions such as avoiding sun exposure , application of sunscreen is paramount in daytime. Since the UAE is a sunny country, this needs to be kept in mind. Application of moisturizer at night and a good fluid intake is recommended. Avoid application of too many cosmetic creams after procedures.

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