New Covid Variant – Omicron

The new Covid-19 variant Omicron has been the most contagious among all the variants today. According to WHO, Omicron has several mutations that can be more dangerous than the current one.

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The inception of Omicron

The variant was first reported in South Africa in November 2021 and detected in Canada soon after. It has spread across many nations within a short time. 

It’s unclear about Omicron’s mutation, but faster infection rates have given it room to evolve and undergo changes. 

Omicron’s severity

According to research, the new variant might be less severe than the Delta variant studies are underway to know more about it.  

Unlike other Covid-19 variants, Omicron can also cause severe disease or death, which is why preventing the spread of the virus is vital. 

Therefore, people need to get vaccinated when available to them and follow strict measures to prevent the virus from spreading. Some of the basic norms are:

  • Social distancing 
  • Wearing masks 
  • Handwashing  

It is also crucial that vaccination is accessible everywhere. 

According to WHO, Omicron outpace the Delta variant in terms of community transmission. However, the preventive measures are very effective against prevention of all the variants.


Scientists and other experts are still underway in finding out the potential impact the Omicron variant has on the effectiveness of currently available vaccines. However, WHO has clarified that the vaccines provide substantial protections against death and severe disease. 

It is vital to be vaccinated to protect against all other variants such as the Delta one. Make sure that you are vaccinated whenever available at your region.

Infection rate 

According to WHO’s early pieces of evidence, people who were infected with Covid-19 earlier could still experience Omicron in comparison to the Delta variant. Information is still limited, but researchers are trying their best to know more about the variant.  

People who contracted with Covid-19 previously should get vaccinated a soon as possible. Furthermore, people who were recovered from the disease may develop some natural immunity against Omicron. But, there is no scientific evidence about the protection’s duration. Vaccines offer more reliable protection. 


The RT-PCR and rapid antigen test continue to detect infection of Covid-19, including Omicron. 

Protection is the key  

One can reduce the risk of contraction Omicron by following the following tips:

  • Always cover your nose and mouth through the mask. Make sure that your hands are clean while wearing them every time. 
  • Social distancing is vital both indoors and outdoors  
  • You should avoid poorly ventilated or crowded spaces. 
  • The ventilation inside the house should be good to maintain good airflow 
  • Wash your hands for twenty seconds with good handwashing solutions 
  • Get vaccinated whenever vaccination drive is active in your region 

The bottom-line 

Always stay updated with the latest Covid-19 news. Seek medical attention if you experience any symptoms related to Omicron or any other variant of Covid-19.

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