Pregnancy Myth busters

Being pregnant comes with a variety of challenges. But in addition to the obvious obstacles, many pregnant women also struggle with comments on their physical appearance also they receive unsolicited advice from friends, family and even coworkers on how they should eat for nine months. This advice can not only be frustrating, but also may be confusing, as oftentimes, the various sources of information are conflicting.

Here are some pregnancy myth busters to remember:

  • Eat red meat or salty food if you want a boy or eat sweets if you want a girl: No specific diets enhances gender of the baby but having proper dietary lifestyle and emphasis on folic acid will help to prevent birth defects.

  • You can tell gender of the baby from the shape of the bump: The only thing the bump might tell you is that you are nurturing a beautiful baby inside. It’s just a myth.

  • Heartburn means you will have hairy baby: Heartburn is due to indigestion which majority of pregnant ladies have, so small and frequent meals are remedy to bust this myth. Also keeping yourself hydrated would do the trick.

  • Eating curry/pineapple induces labour: One survey found 18% of women thought eating a hot curry could help bring on labour. Others believe pineapple can speed things up.There is no scientific research proves any particular food affects labour.

  • Avoid eating fish during pregnancy: Eating fish during pregnancy can lead to toxic intake of Mercury which is found in fish and it’s hazardous to fetus. Actually fish is rich source of DHA [docosahexaenoic acid] this is good for the brain and eye development of the baby. Our body doesn’t produce this on his own so need to be supplemented by diet. Moderate consumption is better way to keep fish in the diet.

  • Eat for two : Generally people advice pregnant women to eat more or double the amount as she is pregnant. Eating too much calories will lead unnecessary extra weight gain which is really not require. Pregnancy requires taking extra 300 calories of your daily diet requirements.

  • Avoiding certain food-like eggs or peanuts will help to prevent food allergy in child: No particular food leads to food allergy in developing fetus; it’s a myth. One should include all variety of food in the diet. Every different food enrich with variety of nutrients.

  • Eat too much ghee/clarified butter : Eating too much ghee will not give any additional benefits during pregnancy. Eating in moderate quantity is important.

  • Specific food craving means deficiency in body: During pregnancy specific food cravings happen to pregnant ladies and it varies from person to person. No scientific evidence shows it’s related to specific nutritional deficiency. It is necessary to be regular with your antenatal medication and healthy diet.

  • For fair complexion eat saffron: It is been advised by many; that to have saffron with milk to have fair skin tone of the baby. Fact is complexion of the baby is decided or marked by genes, be alert from adulterated saffron in the market which can be a risk factor during pregnancy for its artificial color of the saffron.

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