Breast reduction surgery in Dubai

Breast reduction surgery gaining popularity in recent times. The size of your breast should be per your weight and body type. Otherwise, the overly large-sized breast may cause neck and back pain, skin irritation, discomfort, and other issues. 

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There are breast reductions techniques available. But, one should consult a good doctor before planning for a breast reduction surgery.  

Understanding breast reduction surgery  

The procedure is also called mammaplasty. It is used to eliminate excess fat, tissue, and skin from the breasts. This treatment is generally suggested for people with large breasts and find it hard to lead a normal life. 

Mostly people with large breast do the surgery to resolve issues such as  

  • Chronic pain in the back, shoulders, and neck 
  • Skin irritation in the breasts 
  • Nerve pain 
  • Difficulty wearing inner wear such as bra 
  • Poor self esteem related to bigger breasts  

Consultation is vital  

The consulted doctor is expected to Evaluate your medical history and overall health before performing the surgery. Furthermore, they will also ask you about breast-related medical conditions or family history. 

You should share appropriate information about your medical history with the doctor and along with the reasons for taking up the surgery. 

One must always be prepared to discuss any breast-related emotional issues with the doctor. The doctor will diagnose the breasts and take their photographs for your medical record and to get an idea about how much tissue will be required to achieve your goal.  

The consultation will help you to understand the surgery and recovery process seamlessly. Moreover, doctors may do a breast mammogram before the surgery.  

You must also be ready to answer about your habits, medications, and whether you smoke or not? These questions are vital in preparing for surgery. 

Always consult the best plastic surgeon in Dubai.  

What to expect from a breast reduction surgery?  

Successful surgery can resolve pain in the shoulders, back, and neck. Always remember that surgical scars may take several months to fade. Generally, the final results are permanent. Breast shape and size change due to age and weight.  

What are the procedures involved in breast reduction surgery?  

Generally, the surgery takes about 2 to 5 hours or sometimes more. The surgical techniques depend on factors such as 

  • Shape and size of the breasts 
  • How many tissues to be removed 
  • Type of looks you want after the surgery 

Some of the common procedures include  

  • Liposuction (for small reductions) 
  • Vertical (Moderate breast reductions) 
  • Inverted (Large breast reductions)  

The bottom-line  

Always clarify what kind of breast reduction results do you want after surgery. And be honest with the doctor regarding the expectations. And seek free consultation before discussing the surgery. Prepare and plan effectively before taking up the surgery because cost is also vital. The charges for different hospitals will be different. 

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