Bone Cancer treatment in Dubai

Bone metastasis occurs when cancer cells from the primary tumour spread from the original site to the bone. Although all types of cancer can spread to the bone, these are the most common types: prostate, breast, thyroid and lung cancers. 

These are the most common areas where the disease occurs:  

  • Spine 
  • Pelvis 
  • Thighs 
  • Hips 
  • Ribs 
  • Skull 

Cancer is difficult to cure when detected in the advanced stages. However, treatments can help reduce pain and lessen the symptoms of bone metastases. Don’t get confused over bone cancer and metastasis, as both are different. 

Aster Hospitals, one of the best hospitals in Dubai, has experienced doctors in the cancer care unit.  

Symptoms of bone metastasis

  • Bone Pain 
  • Fragile bones 
  • Weakness in the arms or legs 
  • High levels of calcium in the blood, which may lead to nausea and confusion 
  • A loss of urinary control 
  • Bowel incontinence 
  • Anemia due to the loss of bone marrow 

Apart from these symptoms, the tumour spread due to bone metastatic can damage the surrounding of the bone tissues and lead to osteolytic bone destruction. It is a condition where our bones lose minerals (mostly calcium), soften, degenerate, and become weaker. 

Always remember that the causes of bone cancer and metastases are different! Bone metastases are formed when cancer cells break away from the original tumor and spread to the bones. For instance, any type of cancerous tissue can turn into bone metastases if it starts growing inside the bone.


Bone metastasis can be diagnosed through many tests and scans. Once the doctor performs a full medical check-up, including any history of cancer; they will suggest: 

  • Blood tests 
  • CT and MRI scans 
  • X-rays of the affected bones 
  • Bone scans  

 Doctors may suggest a biopsy if they want to confirm bone metastasis or another type of bone cancer. 

What are the treatments available?  

Aster Hospitals offers one of the best bone cancer treatment in Dubai. Some of the common treatments as follows: 


It is one of the common treatments used for bone metastasis. The doctors will first detect the type of cancer that has led to bone metastasis and then choose the chemo accordingly. For example, lung cancer can be the primary tumour. 

Chemotherapy is given through a vein or by mouth. The anti-cancer drugs target cancer cells and curbs growth. 

Hormone Therapy 

This therapy is carried out through drugs known as bisphosphonates. As a part of the treatment, the doctor can give the drug by mouth or IV infusion every 3 to 4 weeks. 

Bisphosphonates will :

  • Ease bone pain 
  • Reduce excess calcium in the blood 
  • Slow bine damage  

Radiation Therapy 

High-energy X-rays or particles are used in this treatment to destroy or curb cell growth in the bone. This treatment is very effective against only one or two bone metastases. 

The doctor can use only radiation therapy or combine it with other treatments. External beam radiation is used in radiation therapy, and it lasts only for a few minutes. 

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