Best pediatrician in Dubai

Your child will be placed on the safest of hands with the best pediatricians in Dubai here at Aster.

Pediatrics is the branch of science that deals with the healthcare that caters to infants, children and the adolescents. It is one of the most important branches of healthcare because it deals with the care for children and the prematurity of these children comes in very crucial in certain times. This is where the doctors at Aster Hospital, the best hospital in Dubai come in and provide service and healthcare to the patients.

Aster Hospital is the best pediatric hospital in Dubai, in terms of quality of care, compassion and service. Equipped with the best facilities and led by the best medical professionals and the best pediatrician in Dubai, Aster is unmatched in terms of Pediatric care and service

Along with the best infrastructure in Dubai for pediatrics, we also have the best pediatrician in Dubai. Dr. Sukumaran Kanniapan is the leading child specialist in Dubai who,here at Aster who leads by example with his excellent quality of care and compassionate service. His expertise and experience speak volumes about the service he provides and the quality of care he maintains. Among all the child specialist doctors in UAE, he is considered to be the best of the best.


  • Founder and designer of the Low-Cost Incubator for new-born infants and Low-Cost Neonatal Units at Government Hospitals in Kanchipuram, TamilNadu
  • Recipient of Tamil Nadu State award – 2003 for best Services

Professional Associations

  • National Faculty- Essential New-born Care (India)
  • Indian Medical Association – Life Member
  • Indian Academy of Pediatrics – Life Member
  • National Neonatology forum (India) Life Member
  • National Board Member in Pediatrics
  • Chairman-Prenatal Diagnosis and Prevention Act Government of Tamil Nadu Medical Services, Kanchipuram district (2000-2005)
  • Member District Advisory Committee of Kanchipuram (Dept of Health)
  • Hon. Medical Consultant-Integrated Child Development Services Scheme (more than 16 years) national project Member of Emirates medical association, Dubai, UAE

Professional Experience

  • Head of Department (Pediatrics), Aster Hospital, Mankhool,UAE, 2015 – Present
  • Specialist Pediatrician and Head of the Department (Pediatrics), Aster Al Raffa Hospital, Maternity and Surgery, UAE, 2006 – 2014
  • Professor and Head of the Department (Pediatrics), Senior Civil Surgeon, Government Medical Service Tamil Nadu, India, 26 years (Ret. June 2005)
  • Trainer of FRU Medical Officers in essential new-born care, District Hospitals Tamil Nadu, India, 5 years
  • Examiner in Pediatric Medicine, 8 years
  • Senior Academic Counsellor, Indira Gandhi National Open University, India, 1999 – 2003
  • Honorary Medical Consultant, Integrated Child Development services Scheme, National Project, India, 16 years (I.C.D.S)

Clinical Expertise & Services Offered

  • Clinical case management
  • Teaching

We also have the leading child specialists in Dubai at Aster. Dr.Santhosh George is a pediatrician and a neonatology specialist here at Aster who is a very experienced doctor who is a part of the pediatrician department. Along with him Dr.Sumreen Javed is also a part of the pediatrician department who is a General practitioner here at Aster. With these leading top medical professionals leading the department of pediatrician, there is no cause for error here at Aster Hospital, the best Hospital in Dubai.

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